Assam Legislative Assembly
Budget Committee of the Assam Legislative Assembly
Constitution of
the Budget
* 157A. (1) There shall be a Budget Committee of the Assam Legislative Assembly consisting of five Members including the Chairman of the Committee to be nominated by the Speaker. The Speaker shall be Ex-Officio Chairman of the Committee.
Function of the
*(2) The function of the Committee shall be to scrutinize estimates and budget proposal prepared by the Accounts Officer of the Assam Legislative Assembly. The Principal Secretary of the Assembly will place the Budget Estimates before the committee nominated by the Speaker and the Committee shall finally scrutinize, the budget estimates. After scrutiny, the Committee shall consider and accept the Budget Estimates.

*(3) The Budget Estimates as accepted by the Committee shall be forwarded to the Finance Department for incorporation in the State Annual Budget as a matter of course. The Budget Estimates as forwarded shall not be subject to scrutiny by the Finance Department or any other Committee of the Government. If the finance Department has any suggestion to make it shall be submitted to the Speaker for his/her consideration and the decision of the Speaker shall be final. In the event of any difference of opinion between the Speaker and the Finance Department, the decision of the Speaker shall be final as it is for Speaker to decide what is necessary for the Assam Legislative Assembly and its Secretariat in the efficient discharge of its responsibilities.