Assam Legislative Assembly
Summons to Members, Seating, Oath or Affirmation and Roll of Members

Summons to Members. 3A. The Chief Minister shall in consultation with the Speaker advise the Governor for summoning the Assembly under Article 174 of the Constitution.
3B. On issue of such summon by the Governor, the Principal Secretary shall issue a summon to each member specifying the date and place for a Session of the House at least ten days before the date of commencement of the Session:

Provided that when a session is called at short notice or emergently, the summons may not be issued to each member separately but an announcement of the date and place of the Session shall be published in the Gazette and members shall be informed by telegram.
Seating of Members 4. The members shall sit in such order as the Speaker may determine.
Oath or Affirmation 5 A. A member who has not already made and subscribed an oath or affirmation in pursuance of Article 188 of the Constitution, may do so at the commencement of a sitting of the Assembly or at any other time of the sitting of the Assembly as the Speaker may direct or on any day after giving previous notice in writing to the Principal Secretary.

5B. No member shall be entitled to take part in any proceedings of the House unless he/she has made and subscribed an oath or affirmation in pursuance of Article 188 of the Constitution.
Roll of Members. 6. There shall be a Roll of Members of the Assembly which shall be signed in the presence of the Principal Secretary by every member, after taking the oath or affirmation before taking his/her seat.