Assam Legislative Assembly
Leave of Absence from the sitting of the House
Leave of Absence from the sitting of the House 185A. (1) A member desiring permission of the House to remain absent from the sitting thereof under clause (4) of Article 190 of the Constitution shall make an application in writing to the Speaker
  (2) An application under sub-rule (1), shall specify the period for which leave of absence is required, indicating also the date of commencement and of termination of such leave of absence and the grounds for it:
  Provided that leave of absence applied for at any time shall not exceed a period of sixty days.
Resignation of seats in Assembly. 186. (1) A member who desires to resign his/her seat in the Assembly shall intimate in writing under his/her hand addressed to the Speaker, his/her intention to resign his/ her seat in the Assembly in the following form and shall not give any reason for his/her resignation:
  The Speaker, Assam Legislative Assembly, Dispur, Guwahati
  I hereby tender my resignation of my seat in the Assembly with effect from.............................
  Place............                 Yours faithfully,
  Date..............                 Member of the Assembly.
  Provided that where any member gives any reason or introduces any extraneous matter the Speaker shall omit such words, phrases or matter and the same shall not be read out in the House.
  (2) As soon as may be, the Speaker shall after he/she has received an intimation in writing from a member under his/her hand resigning his/her seat in the Assembly inform the House that the said member has resigned his/her seat in the Assembly:
  Provided that when the Assembly is not in session, the Speaker shall inform the House immediately after the House re-assembles, that the said member has resigned his/her seat in the Assembly and may direct the same be published in the Official Gazette.
  (3) The Principal Secretary shall as soon as may be after the Speaker has received such intimation from a member resigning his/her seat in the Assembly notify the vacancy in the Official Gazette and shall cause a copy of the notification to be communicated to the Governor and to the Election Commission.