Assam Legislative Assembly
Secret sitting of the Assembly
Secret sittings. 188. (1) On a request being made for a secret sitting of the Assembly by any member, the Speaker in consultation with the Leader of the House, will decide necessity of such a sitting and if it is so decided, fix a day or part thereof for sitting of the Assembly in secret.
  (2) When the Assembly sits in secret no stranger shall be permitted to be present in the Chamber, Lobby or Galleries:
  Provided that persons authorised by the Speaker may be present in the Chamber, Lobby or Galleries.
Report of the Proceedings 189. The Speaker may cause a report of the proceedings of a secret sitting to be issued in such manner as he/she thinks fit, but no other person present shall keep a note or record of any proceedings or decision of a secret sitting, whether in part or full or issue any report of, or purport to describe, such proceedings.
Procedure in other respect. 190. The procedure in all other respects in connection with a secret sitting shall be in accordance with such directions as the Speaker may give.
Lifting of ban of secrecy. 191. (1) When it is considered that the necessity for maintaining secrecy in regard to the proceedings of a secret sitting has ceased to exist and subject to the consent of the Speaker, a motion may be moved by the Leader of the House or any member authorised by him/her that the proceedings in the Assembly during a secret sitting be no longer treated as secret.
  (2) On adoption by the Assembly of the motion under subrule (1), the Principal Secretary shall cause to be prepared a report of the proceedings of the secret sitting, and shall, as soon as practicable, publish it in such form and manner as the Speaker may direct.
Disclosure of proceedings or decisions. 192. Subject to the provisions of the rule 191 disclosure of proceedings or decisions of a secret sitting by any person in any manner shall be treated as a gross breach of privilege of the House.