Assam Legislative Assembly
Governorís Address and Message to the Assembly

Governorís Address. 13(1). At the commencement of the first session after each general election to the Legislative Assembly and at the commencement of the first session of each year, the Governor shall address the Assembly as required by Article 176 (1) of the Constitution:
  Provided that the making of the prescribed oath or affirmation by a member and in the case of a first session held after each general election to the Legislative Assembly, the election of the Speaker shall precede the Governorís Address.
  (2) After the delivery of the speech by the Governor the Speaker shall report to the Assembly that the Governor had been pleased to make a speech and shall lay a copy of the speech on the table.
Scope of Discussion. 14(1). The Speaker shall, in consultation with the leader of the House and Business Advisory Committee, if any, allot time necessary for the discussion of the matters referred to in the Governorís Address.
(2) On such day or days or part of any day, the House shall be at liberty to discuss matters referred to in such Address on a Motion of Thanks moved by a member and seconded by another member.
Amendment. (3) Amendments may be moved to such Motion of Thanks in such form as may be considered appropriate by the Speaker.
Presentation of Motion of Thanks to Governor. 15. The Motion of Thanks having been adopted with or without amendment shall be forthwith communicated to the Governor by the Speaker.
Other business that may be taken up. 16(1). Notwithstanding that a day has been alloted for discussion on the Governorís Address-
(a) a motion or motions for leave to introduce Bill or Bills may be made and a Bill or Bills may be introduced on such day, and
(b) other business of a formal character may be transacted on such day before the Assembly commences or continues the discussion on the Address.
(2) The discussion on the Address may be postponed in favour of a Government Bill or other Government business on a motion being made that the discussion on the Address be adjourned to a subsequent day to be appointed by the Speaker. The Speaker shall forthwith put the question, no amendment or debate being allowed.
(3) The discussion on the Address shall be interrupted in the course of a sitting by an adjournment motion under rule 61.
Governmentís right of reply. 17. The Chief Minister or any other Minister whether he/she has previously taken part in the discussion or not, shall on behalf of the Government have a general right of explaining the position of the Government at the end of the discussion and the Speaker may enquire how much time will be required for the speech so that he/she may fix the hour by which the discussion shall conclude.
Time limit for speeches. 18. The Speaker may, if he/she thinks fit, prescribe a time limit for speeches after taking the sense of the house.
Governorís Address under Article 175 (1) 19. The Speaker may allot time for the discussion of the matters referred to in the Governorís address under Article 175(1) of the Constitution.
Message from Governor. 20. Where a message from the Governor for the Assembly under Article 175 (2) of the Constitution is received by the Speaker he/she shall read the message to the Assembly and give necessary directions in regard to the procedure that shall be followed for the consideration of matters referred to in the message. In giving these directions, the Speaker shall be empowered to suspend or vary the rules to such extent as may be necessary.