Assam Legislative Assembly
Meetings, quorum and language of the Assembly

Quorum 27. The quorum to constitute a meeting of the Assembly shall be one-sixth of total number of members of the Assembly:
 Provided that even 1/6 of the total number of members of the Assembly is not present in a meeting of Assembly, the business of the Assembly shall continue until and unless any member brings to the notice of the Speaker about lack of quorum to constitute a meeting of the Assembly and quorum bell shall only than be rung. Note : In case of fraction, any figure above 0.5 shall be treated as a whole number, and fractions less than that shall be ignored.
Language of the Assembly 28. The business of the Assembly shall be transacted in Assamese, or in Bengali, or in English, or in Hindi:
  Provided that if any member addresses the Assembly in any of the languages which is not Assamese, Bengali, English or Hindi, he/she shall have to make over in advance to the Principal Secretary a copy of the speech written in Assamese, Roman or Devanagari script which he/she proposes to deliver.
Proceedings not invalid for failure to comply with rules. 29. No proceedings of the Assembly shall be deemed to be, or ever to have been, invalid by reason of any rule not being, or not having been complied with but in case of any such non-compliance, any member may raise a point of order.
Correction of Speech 29A. The manuscript copy of the speech made by the member concerned will be supplied to the member within five days of making the speech and the member concerned will correct the speech and return the same within fifteen days. If the speech is not corrected and returned within the aforesaid time, it may be printed without correction and no objection regarding the correctness of the speech will be entertained.